Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events

#117 Recap Kasai Pro 7, Finishers 11, TCGQ 3, Preview Whos's #1, Para Bellum Quintet

February 04, 2020 Grappling Rewind Staff Episode 117
Grappling Rewind: Breakdowns of Professional BJJ and Grappling Events
#117 Recap Kasai Pro 7, Finishers 11, TCGQ 3, Preview Whos's #1, Para Bellum Quintet
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We recap Kasap Pro 7, the biggest No-Gi heavyweight tournament ever, we recap the finals for Finishers 11, and Third Coast Grappling Qualifier 3.  We also preview Who’s #1 and Para Bellum Quintet.

Maine and Emil fresh off of their trip to Dallas Texas to cover Kasai Pro 7 kick the show off with BJJ News talking about a ton of Sub Stars matchups that have been revealed this week.  Gordon Ryan vs Tex Johnson, and many more.  We talk about the Polaris GP names that have been announced, and the news surrounding Raphael Lovato Jr, and his brain condition. We also talk about BJJ Fanatics 170 pound tournament.

In the recap for Kasai Pro 7 we talk about what it was like live at the event and how all the matches played out.  We run through the first round, round robin matched between bracket A and B.  With bracket A featuring the matchup everyone wanted to see Cyborg vs Nick Rodriguez, and bracket B featuring the rematch between Lucas Hulk Barbosa and Kyle Boehm.  We discuss the rematches as well as the rest of the events matches.  Plus Maine talks about all the interviews coming out on the Grappling Rewind YouTube page, and content on the website surrounding the event.  

We recap the finals match for Finishers 11 the Quintet style event that saw 10th Planet Finishers take the championship, and saw tournament organizer Zach Maslany take the final overtime submission in his retirement match.  

We also run through the champions of the Third Coast Grappling 3 qualifier who we will see on the main card of Third Coast Grappling 4 in march.  

In the preview section of the show we discuss the crazy high level matchups on Who’s #1 where top ranked athletes attempt to climb the ranks to take the coveted number 1 spot in the FloGrappling Rankings.  We talk about the mountain that both Victor Hugo and Roberto Jimenez need to climb to beat their respective matchups.  We discuss how crazy of a finisher Nicholas Meregali is, and how difficult Keenan Cornelius guard is to pass in the Gi.  We also talk about the other top level colored belt grapplers and their matchups on the event including Anderson Munis, Tye Ruotolo, Micael Galvao, Josh Cisneros, and Andrew Tackett.  All looking to take higher rankings or cement their rankings in the event.  

In the preview of Para Bellum Quintet we take a look at the three teams that make up the Quintet style bracket.  Team Cicero Costha, Team 10th planet Montreal, Team Detroit Jiu Jitsu, and event favorite Team Tristar with team captain Ethan Crelinsten, and fellow ADCC vetran Oliver Taza. 

In the outro of the show Maine and Emil talk more about how great the trip to Dallas to cover Kasai Pro 7 was and other locations that the team may travel in the future to cover events. 

 Recorded 2-3-2020

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